FEAR Public Tools v2 (Complete FEAR SDK)

FEAR Public Tools v2 is a complete standalone FEAR SDK for the game.
(Don’t need to install the game first).

FEAR Public Tools v2 (1.73 GB):

FEAR ArchiveEdit v2

With this simple tool you can edit, modify, and create FEAR Archive files (.Arch00).
You can use this tool to change custom Pictures (.dds), Worlds (.World00p), Models (.Model00p) and Sounds (.wave).
(Don’t need to install the game first).

FEAR ArchiveEdit v2 (6,58 MB):

FEAR Maps Downloader And Uploader

With this tool you can download and uploader FEAR maps.

Maps Downloader And Uploader (3,66 MB):

FEAR MPCustomizations

Use the FEAR MPCustomizations.txt file to Customize your server. Runspeed, jumpspeed, the power of wapons and many more…

FEAR MPCustomizations (7,36 KB):


Use the FEAR RADTools.exe file to Customize Video.

RADTools.exe (1,27 KB):